Corporate Profile

Trade name Nihon Bioresearch Inc.
Headquarters Hashima Laboratory
104, 6-chome, Majima, Fukuju-cho, Hashima, Gifu, 501-6251 Japan
Tel: +81-58-392-6222, Fax: +81-58-392-2432
Establishment February 16, 1982
Branch Shuzenji Branch (facilities for minipigs)
1868-23 Ohno, Izu, Shizuoka, 410-2402 Japan
Kisosansen Branch (facilities for infection studies)
676-2, Nakamukuri, Fukue, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu, Gifu, 503-0628 Japan
Capital Stock 50 million yen
President Masumi Yoshida
Employees 92 (as of October 2022)
Bank of account Gifu Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Corporate History

1982 Hashima Laboratory, Nihon Bioresearch Inc. (NBR) established by investments from Kitayama Labes Co., Ltd. and Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.
Commenced GLP-compliant safety studies.
1985 First audit for GLP compliance for drugs (latest audit: 2015).
1986 Commenced pharmacological studies.
1988 First audit for GLP compliances for pesticides.
1994 First audit for GLP compliances for Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. (Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare) (latest audit: 2015) and for feed additive.
1995 Commenced manufacturing agar plate medium for Ames tests.
1999 Commenced operation of our own developed computer system for nonclinical studies.
2002 Shuzenji Branch specialized for minipigs established, and commenced pharmacological and safety studies.
2004 First audit of Shuzenji Branch for GLP compliance for drugs.
2005 A Part 11-compliant computer system introduced.
2008 First audit for GLP compliances for medical devices (latest audit: 2015).
2009 X-ray apparatuses introduced to Hashima Laboratory and Shuzenji Branch.
2011 Kisosansen Branch (BSL-2) specialized for infection studies established, and commenced infection studies.
Certification of animal studies by Japan Health Sciences Foundation acquired.
2012 New facilities specialized for minipigs established at Hashima Laboratory.
2013 Facilities for minipigs at Shuzenji Branch enlarged.
2015 First audit for GLP compliances for regenerative medical products.
2017 Facilities for minipigs at Shuzenji Branch further enlarged.
New facilities dedicated to immunodeficient animals established at Hashima Laboratory.
2020 Awarded full accreditation by AAALAC International (Shuzenji Branch).

GLP Inspections (Results of the latest GLP inspections)

Category Number of inspections Result Date of acquisition
GLP for drugs 12 Complied November 15, 2021
GLP for medical devices 6 Complied November 15, 2021
GLP for regenerative medical products 3 Complied November 15, 2021
GLP for chemical substances 11 Complied December 6, 2021

Certifications of animal studies by Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC)

Facility Date of Acquisition
Shuzenji Branch November 23, 2020

Certifications of animal studies by Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center

Facility Date of Acquisition
Hashima Laboratory March 27, 2023
Kisosansen Branch March 14, 2023